5th edition of National Hindi Moot Court Competition by Amity Law School, Noida, (Student Bar Forum) in Collaboration with AMITY YOUTH FESTIVAL’ 2021

निगाहों में मंजिल थी, गिरे और गिर कर संभलते रहे, हवाओं ने बहुत कोशिश की

मगर चिराग अंधेरों में भी जलते रहे” l


Amity Law School, Noida, (Student Bar Forum) in Collaboration with AMITY YOUTH FESTIVAL’ 2021 brings to you the much awaited event of the year with its “5th edition of National Hindi Moot Court Competition”.

It becomes inevitable to say how Hindi is religiously known to our culture and values, yet it is only seldom that we find a chance to feel proud practicing our national language. The Student Bar Forum team is upright to give you once again the top-notch Moot of our country and a chance to hold valuable assets to your Curriculum Vitae.

Due to multiple applications flying in for participation, we extend our gratitude and hence have set a FRESH LAST REGISTERATION DATE TILL 2nd MARCH, 2021.

Most delightful to host you amongst us on the 12th-14th of March, 2021.

Not to mention, but we ain’t charging you for this connection, and hence we offer you *ZERO-REGISTERATION-FEE PARTICIPATION*. Grab it before the opportunity gets sold. 

Application Closed

Please join official Valedictory Function. details here .

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