From the Founders

Increase your chances of getting shortlisted for an internship!
– Parishkriti Atri

Applications, which usually lead to direct rejection:

1) Same answers for different internships.
2) Not customising your answers & cover letter according to the firm/advocate and their requirements.
One line answers to “Why are you a suitable choice for an intern?”.
That shows lack of efforts.
Neeti Shastra always puts up the firm’s introduction on their social media post. Such answers should be customised accordingly.
3) Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
Even if your CV is excellent, multiple spelling/grammatical mistakes like “Legal filed” (“field”), “i am a hardworking and want to learned” etc will lead to direct rejection.
4) Writing you want a career in criminal law when the firm/advocate practises corporate law, for example.
5) Not following simple directions- Attaching Word Documents when it’s clearly written attach PDFs.
6) Sending old cover letters which still contain the name of the previous firm the student applied to.


Important things to keep in mind to increase your chances of getting selected!
-Rahul Sharma

1. Always mention the kind of work you did in your internships. Just writing a firm’s/advocate’s name would not help a recruiter understand your capabilities.

2. CUSTOMISE your CV according to a firm’s requirements. If they practise in IPR & want interns to do drafting, highlight the work that you have done in the IPR domain but also the drafting work that you have done in the past.

3. If a recruiter exclusively practises Civil Law, writing that you want a career in the corporate sector or want to become a judge is not going to help you secure that internship. Avoid writing the same, but NEVER LIE.

4. “Why are you a suitable candidate for this internship?”
Answers like “I would get a great opportunity to learn & improve my skills” & “This will help in my growth & give me an opportunity to learn about this sector” are not going to help. You don’t have to write why you need that internship. You have to write WHY THE FIRM SHOULD SELECT YOU & not somebody else, the qualities that you have or your experience that makes you better than other candidates.

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